Cyclone Cheneso Intensifying Off the Coast of Madagascar – Tropical Weather Bulletin – January 25, 2023


Cyclone Cheneso has spent a fair while off the coast of western Madagascar, and is now taking real advantage of the warm sea surface temperatures and is intensifying substantially – now equal to its strength when it originally made landfall last Thursday. Further intensification is expected, gradually at first as it stalls near the coast, but then more quickly later this week as it moves southwestwards into more open waters. The storm is expected to peak as a major cyclone with winds of over 115mph (185kph) as it gradually curves southeastwards, passing south of the southern tip of the island nation. Tropical storm force winds are expected to buffet the entire west and south coasts of Madagascar this week, and have a small chance of reaching Mozambique on the other side.

In addition to dangerous winds, rainfall remains an enormous threat with this storm, with another 20 inches (500mm) possible in some areas, and half that further north, where it’s believed that over 40 inches (1000mm) have already fallen.

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