Cyclone Freddy making Landfall in Madagascar – 6pm EAT February 21, 2023


Major cyclone Freddy is making landfall near Mananjary, along the eastern coast of Madagascar this evening with sustained winds near 115 miles per hour (185kph). Destructive winds are likely in the town throughout the evening before the storm dies down as it moves inland. Dangerous conditions remain likely along the forecast path, however, until it emerges into the Mozambique channel as a depression tomorrow.
Rainfall amounts are expected to reach around 7 inches (175mm) near the landfall zone, with widespread areas of 5 inches (125mm) across central and southern Madagascar.

In the Mozambique Channel, Freddy is expected to rapidly re-intensify before making its final landfall in southern Mozambique, where very high amounts of rainfall are expected from the storm and its remnants. Southern Mozambique, northern South Africa, eastern Zimbabwe, and Eswatini are expected to receive potentially dangerous amounts of rainfall, with maximums near 14 inches (350mm).

Watch the full video here:

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