Cyclone Freddy Moving on to Madagascar – Tropical Weather Bulletin – February 21, 2023


[credit]Credit: RAMMB Slider[/credit]

Cyclone Freddy made an uncomfortably close pass to Mauritius and Réunion on Monday, and has weakened a little.

The storm remains a strong Category 3 on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Scale, and is set to make landfall in Madagascar late on Tuesday still as a major cyclone.

Along with strong winds and storm surge, heavy rain is also expected to impact the region with accumulations up to 150mm near the landfall zone.


After passing Madagascar, the storm is expected to re-strengthen in the Mozambique channel and make landfall on the coast of Mozambique later this week, and may reach hurricane status once again.

The later path of the storm is uncertain, and its remnants could cause widespread rain impacts across south-eastern Africa.

Elsewhere, an area of interest in the central Indian Ocean is becoming more likely to form, but is expected to steer clear of the Mascarene islands.


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