Cyclone Freddy Ramping up Again – Tropical Weather Bulletin – February 15, 2023


Cyclone Freddy has already been active for over a week and is strengthening once more towards Category 4 status this morning. Now located halfway across the Indian Ocean, Freddy is expected to remain at a fairly low latitude and sail westwards towards the Mascarene islands, which are becoming increasingly likely targets for impacts next week. Later, the storm is expected to impact Madagascar and stall in the Mozambique channel, before turning southeastwards and eventually becoming post-tropical in the first days of March. The long-term forecast particularly is uncertain, and significant changes are possible as the situation evolves. Currently, Freddy is opening out an eye with a decent eyewall and is likely to reach Category 4 status soon. Elsewhere, Dingani and Gabrielle turned post-tropical and are moving out to sea in the higher latitudes towards Antarctica. Meanwhile, an area of interest in the Gulf of Carpentaria is expected to deliver large amounts of rainfall to the Cape York Peninsula and around the Cairns region this week, with up to 700mm possible in some locations. The chances of development into a tropical cyclone are falling, but may still occur briefly in the 2-3 days it has before moving inland.

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