Cyclone Freddy stronger, new storm forming in Coral Sea – Tropical Weather Bulletin – February 8, 2023


The Australian region is bustling with activity today, with Cyclone Freddy the star attraction. The storm, which only recently formed yesterday, strengthened substantially in the last few hours and is now a Category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. However, high wind shear around its peripheral regions are limiting its further development. To its west, another system could develop as it trawls across the Indian Ocean, and both it and Freddy will travel west or west-southwestwards for several days, out to sea.

Meanwhile, in the Coral Sea, another area of interest is on the cusp of becoming our next tropical cyclone, and is likely to be named soon. The broad system will strengthen significantly as it floats southeastwards, and could severely impact New Zealand next week as an extratropical low, with hurricane force winds possible. This is still a low confidence situation and things could change, so check back often.

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