Cyclone Mandous dropping heavy rain over Sri Lanka – Tropical Weather Bulletin – December 8, 2022


Cyclone Mandous was named a few hours ago by the Indian Meteorological Department, after strengthening yesterday. The storm currently has winds near 60 miles per hour (95kph) as it tracks closer to northern Sri Lanka. The storm has turned slightly to the north in the last few hours from its due west heading. Mandous is expected to make landfall near Chennai on Friday night as a weak tropical storm, and heavy rains from the rather broad tropical cyclone are likely to cause flash and local flooding. Rainfall totals are expected to exceed 150 millimeters in widespread parts of Tamil Nadu and southern Andhra Pradesh.

Elsewhere, an Atlantic area of interest is rapidly running out of time to transition into a subtropical cyclone, and chances are fading. The system has around 12-24 hours of fair conditions until it accelerates northeastwards and blows up into a powerful extratropical cyclone.

In the Western Pacific, a broad area of interest is starting to show promise near Palau, and chances for development are increasing. The system may form near the Philippines, and could recurve out to sea as a typhoon. Regardless of development, heavy rainfall is expected to impact the eastern Visayas and Bicol regions this weekend, with over 300mm possible.

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