Cyclone Tej Remains Powerful as it Passes Socotra – Video Update – Oct 22, 2023


Cyclone Tej rapidly intensified yesterday to reach Category 3 status, and today began an eyewall replacement cycle as it passed close to the island of Socotra. The storm remains a powerful 110mph Category 2 at this time, and is expected to gradually weaken as it approaches the Arabian peninsula. Tej is expected to stall shortly before reaching the coast of Oman and Yemen, and will rapidly weaken and die off as it moves inland over the dry mountainous region. Hurricane force conditions are possible along coastal areas, and exceptional rainfall could amount to in excess of 24 inches (600mm). The storm is expected to shrink near landfall, and the margins are likely to be fine for which areas receive the largest amounts of rainfall.

Watch our full update on Cyclone Tej here:

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