Deadly Moroccan Quake kills over 1,000 people


Overview of the Moroccan Quake

The quake in Morocco happened during 22:11:01 (UTC) at around the location some few miles of the populated city of Marrakech, The quake supposedly occured in the area around 31.110°N 8.440°W. This quake had a magnitude of 6.8 with a shallow depth of 18.5km below the surface. The quake’s moment tensor was a strike-slip tensor but is since changed to a Oblique-Thrust but it’s still commonly or more of a trust rather than a Oblique-Thrust.

The moment tensor of the quake shown as an Oblique-Thrust.

Effects of the earthquake

The Moroccan Quake has caused alot of damage and is given a red pager or a catastrophic damage in economic losses especially when it occured near a population center. The quake was given and Orange Pager or Serious damage in life I e deaths, agriculture and many more. This quake had a good amount of people killed most of it during the collapse of buildings in the nearby cities and towns. – article on the deaths from the catastrophic quake.

An estimated of 1,037 people have died in the quake as according to the article above.

The Pagers on both Fatalities and Economic damages from the quake.

Landslide estimates are relatively significant however the areas which are expected to have landslides have a limited population.

Future of what will happen after the quake

As the reports from the quake is preliminary, significant damage in deaths and economic losses may rise, severely affecting both the economy and the lives of the in Morocco. Economic aid is expected to be sent to the areas heavily affected by the quake.

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