Hurricane Franklin continues Strenghtening and 93L develops


Hurricane Franklin

Tropical Storm Franklin has intesified into a Hurricane this Saturday Morning, located at 23.5°N and 66.7°W and with current winds up to 75 mph and with a central pressure of 989 milibars. Franklin is expected to strengthen even more in the coming days expected to reach Major Huricane Status on Monday. Franklin will head Northwest then turning Northeast by Monday.

National Hurricane Center cone for Hurricane Franklin as it continues to move Northeastward

Invest 93L

93L is an Invest with a high chance of formation in the coming days marked by the NHC with a 70/90% chance of formation within 7 days, The storm is currently located offshore the Yucutan Peninsula at Mexico, and once it forms it will be given the name Idalia, This invest has a possibility to be a hurricane as supported by some models as it approaches Florida.

There is a disturbance east of Franklin with a 20/40% chance of Formation in the coming days, another disturbance near the coast of Africa with Low chance of Formation.

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29 days ago

Wow, first major atlantic storm!

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