Hurricane Nigel maintaining strength


Hurricane Nigel

hurricane Nigel now a Category 2 Hurricane now located at 34.4°N and 54.9°W and is moving and is moving North at a fast pace at 16 miles per hour. Current intensity is at 100 miles per hour and with a Central Pressure of 974 millibars. Hurricane Nigel still remains far for land and is expected to stay out to sea for a long time.

Local Effects/Warning Section

Hurricane Nigel as of now currently poses no threat to any nearby land, but when it turns post tropical there are some cities that are in risk and potentially threatened by the storm if the storm gets closer to the cities, the cities that could potentially be threatened are: Reykjavik, Iceland. Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. And Lerwick, United Kingdom. Some towns also potentially threatened by Nigel.

Local Preparations for the storm

Though Hurricane Nigel will and remain out from land, Hurricane Nigel does pose a threat in Southern Iceland, Scotland, and the Faroe Islands, It is suggested to get out from shore as storm surge could potentially happen.


As of now according to the NHC, Hurricane Nigel poses no threat and no watches and warnings are issued.

Future Forecast

The Forecast or the future rather of Hurricane Nigel is after it moves North it will turn Northeastwards then turn post-tropical or be apart of a Frontal system as it approaches Iceland then turn Southeast slightly towards Faroe Islands and United Kingdo

currently no cities and countries inside the cone of Hurricane Nigel. Flooding is a low possibility from Hurricane Nigel.

Models want or Wants Hurricane Nigel to turn Abit more southwest after passing Southern Iceland directly hitting the Faroe islands and Scotland.

Cone of Hurricane Nigel as it moves North.

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