Impressive Cyclone Darian in the Indian Ocean – Tropical Weather Bulletin – December 20, 2022


Cyclone Darian moved slowly south in the last couple of days, and has gradually intensified into a Category 1 hurricane equivalent storm on the Saffir Simpson Scale. With the storm likely still intensifying and looking better on satellite imagery, it could see further upgrades in strength as it starts turning westwards in the next 24 hours. The storm is expected to meander around the Indian Ocean in the next week, and eventually recurve poleward and turn extratropical. Darian shouldn’t be a threat to land.

Elsewhere, an area of interest has a small chance of developing out of a line of thunderstorms in the southwest Indian Ocean. However, development is not likely and would be cut short by Cyclone Darian.

An area of interest is starting to gain traction north of Australia, and could start developing in the Timor Sea in the next couple of days. Uncertainty is high on this particular system, but models currently suggest that a weak tropical storm could make landfall near Wadeye later in the week.

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