Live Coverage on Powerful Cyclone Freddy Approaches Madagascar Begins at 03z (7am RET)


Cyclone Freddy remains a powerful storm on approach to Rodrigues. The storm is forecast to pass north of the island, but impacts will still be felt. A more significant impact is possible in Mauritius and La Reunion, where Freddy will likely pass north of as a Category 4 storm. Tropical storm-force winds are forecast to begin on the island in around 2 days. Freddy will then target Madagascar, where a catastrophic landfall is possible. The latest indications are at least Category 3 status, but this could be higher. In this livestream, the team will discuss the latest in regards to the storm, including both current analysis and the latest forecast.

Watch our live coverage by using this link:

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1 year ago

Why are many ships in this area?

Tracking is ok, but actual warning of participants is better…

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