Major Hurricane Beryl Forecasted to Aim for Jamaica Later

 Major Hurricane Beryl Forecasted to Aim for Jamaica Later<strong class=" title="Major Hurricane Beryl Forecasted to Aim for Jamaica Later" decoding="async" style="transform: scale(1.4);">

Major Hurricane Beryl is predicted to hit the southern portion of Jamaica tomorrow at 18Z. As a Category 4 Storm, it poses a grave threat. The National Hurricane Center is closely monitoring Beryl’s path and has issued dire warnings for the island, highlighting this powerful storm’s potentially catastrophic impact.

Current Information

Cone forecast for Beryl’s path as of 11 pm EST.
Cone forecast for Beryl’s path as of 11 pm EST.

As of 18Z on July 2nd, 2024, Beryl was located at 16.2 degrees north, 72.7 degrees west, and was moving west-northwest at a rapid 22 mph. The latest outlook about Beryl’s stats supported maximum winds of 150 mph and a central pressure of 947 mb.

Current Warnings and Watches

Recently, a Hurricane warning was issued for the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, indicating that intense hurricane conditions are expected to hit the affected islands. Meanwhile, a tropical storm warning was issued for Martinique, meaning that tropical storm conditions, including strong winds and heavy rain, are expected within 36 hours. Lastly, a tropical storm and a hurricane watch have been issued on the southern and western coasts of Haiti, Mexico, and Belize. If you live in one of the affected areas from Beryl, please monitor additional warnings or watches issued by your national meteorological service.

Current Forecast

As the cone forecast data has shown for the last few hours, Beryl will continue to move into Jamaica as a major hurricane. By 8 pm EST, Beryl will move inwards to the island of Jamaica, then move into the southern peninsula of Mexico on July 5th at 8 am EST, and then head into Texas around next Sunday at 8 pm.

Current Hazards

Graph showing potential rainfall Beryl will make as of 12Z.
Graph showing potential rainfall Beryl will make as of 12Z.

Hurricane Beryl is expected to produce heavy rainfall of approximately 4 to 8 inches and bring out strong winds. It will move inland to Jamaica tomorrow, making outside preparations dangerous or difficult. Meanwhile, a life-threatening storm surge will rise by up to 2 or 4 feet above sea levels in areas of the Cayman Islands, followed by 3 to 5 feet on the east coast of the Yucatan peninsula and 6 to 9 feet on the southern coasts of Jamaica. Preparations should be rushed to be completed as Beryl will land in Jamaica tomorrow. Evacuate when directed by officials, and stay tuned to your national meteorological service or Force Thirteen for updates.

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