Nicole Makes Landfall in the Bahamas – Video Update – November 9, 2022


Tropical Storm Nicole is currently blowing through Great Abaco island, with the storm making landfall on Elbow Cay a short time ago. This is the same area in which Dorian made its catastropic Category 5 landfall three years ago, but Nicole’s impacts are expected to be much more modest. Nonetheless, hurricane conditions are likely occurring across Great Abaco and will extend to Grand Bahama later this afternoon as Nicole continues westwards. Florida will receive hurricane conditions tonight as Nicole switches northwestwards, and tropical storm force winds will extend over a large part of the central and northern Florida Peninsula this afternoon into tonight.

Storm surge with the storm will reach around five feet near the landfall zone in Florida, and to the north. Rainfall expectations are around 5-6 inches across much of northern Florida and for large parts of the eastern United States, as far north and west as Ohio. Nicole may enter the Gulf of Mexico but should weaken and become a tropical depression by Friday, as it moves inland over the Florida Panhandle.

Watch our full Tropical Storm Nicole Update using this link:

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