Tropical Depression Rosal near the Philippines – Tropical Weather Bulletin – December 11, 2022


Today’s main feature is a tropical depression that formed in the last 24 hours close to the eastern coast of Luzon, Philippines. This system is slowly moving away from land, but could still deliver heavy rain showers along the coast of Luzon and Catanduanes today. The depression could intensify into a tropical storm later, but will not have a particularly long time to develop before being absorbed into an extensive frontal feature by Tuesday.

In India, Cyclone Mandous has degenerated into a remnant low, but is still producing small areas of heavy rainfall particularly along the western coast. The system will continue into the Arabian Sea this week, and will eventually dissipate.

In the South Pacific, an area of interest has a fair chance of developing far to the south of Fiji, although the tropicality of the system is a major source of uncertainty. Regardless, this system will acquire storm force winds and expand significantly as it swirls around to the north of New Zealand, which may eventually get gales.

In the South Indian Ocean, an area of interest near the Cocos Islands is expected to gradually organise as it moves westwards, and long range models suggest that it could become a major cyclone in the southwest Indian Ocean next week.

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