Tropical Disturbances in the Indian Ocean – November 15, 2022


The remnants of Nicole and Yamaneko live on for a little longer, but now new systems are brewing in the Indian Ocean. An area of interest to the southwest of Indonesia has a 40% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next five days as it passes between the Cocos Islands and Christmas Island, and is likely to be a short lived weak tropical storm. In the Bay of Bengal, another system could form later this week and become a broad tropical storm as it heads towards Andhra Pradesh, India.

In addition, the Western Pacific may also have a new disturbance soon, with heavy rain expected for large parts of the Philippines late this week. This system could eventually become a tropical cyclone in the South China Sea next week. The Caribbean Sea cannot be ruled out for possible developments next week off the coast of Nicaragua, with heavy rain from this disturbance by the weekend.

Watch our full Tropical Weather Bulletin using this link:

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