Tropical Storm Kenneth remaining out to sea


Tropical Storm Kenneth

Tropical Storm Kenneth remaining out to sea is a weak Tropical Storm located at 14.8°N and 122.5°W and has a current intensity of 45 miles per hour and with a minimum central pressure of 1004 millibars. Tropical Storm Kenneth is expected to remain out to sea and far from any cities hence city distances have a big gap or distance.

Local Effects/Warning Section

Since Tropical Storm Kenneth still and will remain out of sea, Tropical Storm watches and warnings had not been issued in any cities, countries or islands. While Tropical Storm Kenneth remains out of land, even at the end of it’ it will pose no threat whatsoever in any cities islands or land because it will remain far from any civilization. No Preparations are needed to do for this storm since it remains far away from land. As said earlier, No watches and warnings have been issued.

Future Forecast

As Tropical Storm Kenneth is far from land, it will never affect land while it moves West at 10 mph, and no wind probabilities are expected at any land piece because it remains far from land. No Storm Surge, Flooding potentials are expected, And at the same time also no cities and countries are in the path or cone in the path of the storm.

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