Tropical Storm Ophelia soon to make landfall


Tropical Storm Ophelia

Tropical Storm Ophelia now maintaining it’s strength and has most likely peak south of North Carolina. The storm is currently located at 33.8°N and 77.1°W and is moving North-North-Wdst at 12 miles per.hour. current or estimated strength of Tropical Ophelia is currently 70 miles per hour and a central pressure of 984 millibars (29.06 inHg)

Distance from cities:

56.5 miles from Wilmington,

73.3 miles from Havelock,

161 miles from Raleigh,

203 miles from Suffolk,

350 miles from Washington D.C.

Local Effects/ Storm Watches

Tropical Storm Ophelia poses a dangerous threat to the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C, Tropical Storm warnings have been issued in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and D.C. It is advised to evacuate from nearby shores if you are near the coast in the states mentioned because Storm surge poses a threat to states like South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Washington D.C. Peak Surge is expected to be 4 feet or higher.

Surge map for Tropical Storm Ophelia.

Future Forecast

As Tropical Storm Ophelia continues to move NNW at a fast pace, It is expected to make landfall in North Carolina as a strong Tropical Storm. And it will move through Virginia as a Tropical Storm before weakening to a Tropical Depression before it passes through D.C. This storm is expected according to models to turn to the Nor’east after exiting the East Coast.

Cone and Storm Warnings of Tropical Storm Ophelia.

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