Typhoon Saola now curving away from the Philippines


Typhoon Saola has weakened to a Category 3 earlier this morning in the Philippines, The Storm is located East of the aurora Province currently situated at 16.0°N and 123.7°E and with Sustained Winds (1-min) at around 125mph with a central pressure of 957 millibars as of JTWC’s estimate.

Local Effects/Warnings Section

Typhoon Saola now moving away from the Philippines Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal 2 and 3 has been canceled in the provinces of Aurora Isabella and Cagayan Province. While the storm is moving away from the Philippines Islands, it is likely to restrengthen, and once it recurves the cities that could be threatened is Tainan, Kaoshing, and Basco.

Areas under TCWS no.1

Batanes, Babuyan Islands, Most of Cagayan Province, Eastern Portion of Isabella, Most of Aurora Province, Pollilio Islands in Quezon Province, Northern portion of Camarines Norte, Northern portion of Camarines Sur, Northern Tip of Catanduanes.

Future Forecast of Typhoon Saola

Typhoon Saola is moving East and is expected to weaken before recurving towards Taiwan, Once it starts recurving it will start to reintensify, the reintensification of Typhoon Saola begins at 28/18z in the forecast cone of JTWC and then reach its peak winds of 125 knots or 145 mile per hour South of Taiwan.

Storm Surge is also dangerous when Typhoon Saola reaches near its expected peak intensity, The cities prone to storm surge going to be caused by Typhoon Saola will be the cities of Kaoshing Tainan in Taiwan and the cities of Santa Ana, Aparri, and Basco in the Philippines. Whilst Storm surge poses a threat, Flooding is also a threat in those cities as well the nearby cities of Tuegegarao in the Philippines, Taichung City in Taiwan, and the cities of Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, and Shantao, in China, Since Typhoon Saola is expected to make landfall in mainland China, Flooding and Storm surge in the Taiwanese Strait and flooding in the cities mentioned previously.

JTWC’s cone on Typhoon Saola which is expected to turn Northwestwards towards Taiwan.

Tropical cyclone Wind Signal map showing areas under TCWS no.1


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