Potential Tropical Cyclone Seventeen impacts Mexico and Guatemala


A mere two days after Typhoon Hagibis became yet another storm to affect Japan, a system now known as Potential Tropical Cyclone Seventeen-E formed yesterday and has neared the Mexican Coastline. The possibility does still exist for the system to become a fully tropical cyclone though chances have decreased from earlier. Regardless, it is supposed to produce heavy rainfall of 5-10 inches in coastal areas of Southwestern Mexico with totals decreasing to a foretasted 2-4 inches in Guatemala according to the National Hurricane Center. This rainfall is capable of producing life threatening effects such as flash-flooding and mudslides.

Current Information

As of the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) which was released at 15:00 UTC Wed Oct 16 , the system was located at 16.2°N and 96.2°W which is 40 miles from Puerto Angel in Mexico. It currently has a 1-minute sustained wind speed 35 mph and a pressure of 1005 mb while moving at speeds of 14 mph in a NW direction. Little to no significant intensification is foretasted with a 60% chance of it becoming a tropical cyclone.

Areas of Impact

The two main areas that are being impacted is Guatemala and Southwestern Mexico. Heavy Rainfall of up to 10 inches is foretasted in Mexico, with local amounts being higher. Guatemala should receive less, with only up to 4 inches being foretasted. These heavy rains can cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides. Elevated winds are also possible.

Please refer to the National Hurricane Center and your local weather service for further official information and graphics. Visit Force Thirteen’s YouTube channel for video updates, tropical weather bulletins, and other weather content. Visit their Twitter and Facebook pages for more information as well.

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