Powerful Typhoon Hinnamnor slowing down near Okinawa – 10pm JST August 31 – Video Update


After reaching Category 5 status yesterday, Hinnamnor remains a very strong Category 4 storm, with little changes to its size so far, and has undergone probably several eyewall replacement cycles by now. As the storm stalls, it will expand more quickly and fan outwards in its wind distribution and its rainfall over the course of the next three days. By the weekend, the storm will make its closest pass to Miyakojima, and northwards into the East China Sea where it will reach a secondary peak. By that point, the storm will be over 1,000 kilometers wide compared to just 400km at the moment.

The main concern generally and over the widest area is still heavy flooding rains, flash flooding, and landslides. Up to 600mm of rain is expected for Miyakojima and islands near Okinawa, with totals of 300mm or higher expected for parts of the northern mountains of Taiwan, southern Kyushu, and South Korea. However, forecasts are still calling for a potential Category 3 landfall in South Korea or Kyushu, which at the storm’s size would cause devastating impacts next week.

Watch our full update here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgWnO1VYFzY

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