Severe Weather Event to Impact The US Today


A potentially very Severe Weather Event has begun to brew this afternoon. Stretching across from Texas to Pennsylvania, there is the risk for severe weather ranging from strong winds to hail with a minor risk for Tornado Activity for a good portion of the Slight Risk though it does exist, and the potential remains for tornadoes in any of those regions. The epicenter for today’s event though lies more towards the states of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Indiana.

Here lies a strong risk for Tornado Activity later on today with a moderate risk for portions of Illinois and the bordering regions. Moderate Risk areas also include the greatest area of potential for the strongest of cells to develop and lead to hazardous conditions.

Tornado Risk for Today (Saturday)

As evidently displayed by the Storm Prediction Center (SPC), Tornado Probability is quite broad but as emphasized, the epicenter lies within Illinois although the significant risk stretches into their neighbors such as Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri. For other regions, it is advised to pay attention to your local Nation Weather Service (NWS) office to stay up-to-date on the developing situation as well as those within the epicenter seeing how the current situation is quite negatively significant.

Severe/Strong Wind Threat for today (Saturday)

Moreover, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) suggests the potential Strong Wind Probability to encompass a good portion of the regions at risk today.  The risk threat though for these strong damaging winds still seem to not be the focus of today although they are likely to occur given the situation. This still does encompass a very broad region as already stated which has the potential to impact millions.

Hail Threat for Today (Saturday)

The risk of hail remains high for a broad region impacting millions of people across the nation. The epicenter or greatest risk though lies less to the south and more to the north, once again within the state of Illinois and their neighbors.  A Significant Risk lies for population centers in Iowa, Chicago, suburbs of St. Louis and more. the risk does stretch beyond though. For more information in these areas, please check your local National Weather Service (NWS) office.


The risk for Severe weather across the Midwest and portions within the Southeast remain considerable. With a very dangerous 15% Tornado Probability and a significant/severe risk for Tornado Activity for over ten million people and a broader risk of over fifty million people being impacted by some degree of risk, as well as a Hail Risk stretching for over 75 million people, and a very dangerous 15% chance Severe Wind Risk for a similar amount of people impacting the same region, today is set up for a very busy and unfortunately negatively impacting day for millions.

Cities tomorrow under a severe risk include:
Peoria, IL (Moderate), Cedar Rapids, IA (Enhanced), Naperville, IL (Moderate), Aurora, IL (Moderate), Springfield, IL (Moderate), Chicago, IL (Enhanced), Indianapolis, IN (Slight), Columbus, OH (Slight), Milwaukee, WI (Slight), Nashville, TN (Slight), Detroit, MI (Marginal), Memphis, TN (Marginal), Cleveland, OH (Marginal), Pittsburgh, PA (Marginal), Akron, OH (Marginal)

For more information, please reach out to your local National Weather Service (NWS) office for official and up-to-date information.

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