Severe Weather to Strike the US Over the Weekend


Severe Weather is expected throughout the US this weekend, uncertainty remains, but strong storms are expected throughout the US.

SPC 5 Day outlook

With tornado season beginning to ramp up a little early, it looks like our next big wave of severe weather is expected next Saturday across the US. The Storm Prediction Center(SPC) says that on Friday, while uncertainty exists, hail looks to be the primary mode of severe weather if it is to occur, with portions of Oklahoma, Kansas, and possibly Nebraska being within the highest risk. Saturday has the possibility of yet another major severe weather event occurring. The SPC has given a 15% area for the following areas, eastern Texas, eastern Oklahoma, extreme eastern Kansas, all but extreme northern Missouri, western Illinois, all of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, all but extreme eastern Alabama, extreme western Kentucky, and western Tennessee. The cause is supposed to be a cold front moving through Missouri/Arkansas throughout the day Saturday. There is not one threat that looks dominant over the others at this time, although it is expected that one of these threats will become more dominant as uncertainty decreases. The system looks to have most conditions favorable for it, with the only real inhibiting factor looking to be instability(energy in the atmosphere).

SPC 5 Day outlook

You can also check out the Force Thirteen US channel for video updates that will be coming in the near future.

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