Storm Eunice Slams the United Kingdom, Sets Sights for Mainland Europe

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Millions of people in the British Isles have been told to stay at home as Storm Eunice affects the archipelago. The United Kingdom’s Met Office reported a maximum wind gust of 122 mph (195 kph) in The Needles in the Isle of Wight; the agency added that it could set a new record for the highest gust recorded in England. Flooding occurred in numerous parts of the country, with rough swells being reported in regions such as Cornwall, where Force Thirteen UK and Ireland were covering the scene.

Current wind warnings as in place over the Netherlands this evening, with area in red up to 75mph.

Weather Warnings across Northeastern Europe have been raised by multiple weather agencies in the region. With significant damages expected over The United Kingdom and the Netherlands as winds of 130-140 kph are forecasted to these forecast. You can find weather warnings by country using the hyperlinks below.

Find Warnings by Country Here: United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Germany


Tens of thousands of residents in the British Isles also experienced power outages due to the storm’s damaging winds. In the Netherlands, a viral video showed entire stacks of cargo crates being toppled. Meanwhile, dozens of flights, as well as railway and port operations in the United Kingdom have been cancelled. Countries in the region also announced cancellation of flights at their airports, and classes at schools.

Follow the advice of your respective national weather agency, and for updates on the storm, you can also visit Force Thirteen United Kingdom and Ireland on Twitter and Youtube, as well as Force Thirteen Europe. You can find these links in the about section.

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