Super Typhoon Chanthu (Kiko) a Catastrophic Threat – September 10, 2021 (Video Update)


Typhoon Chanthu (Philippine name Kiko) rapidly intensified again today, and has reached Category 5 intensity for the third time in its life. This time, the storm has intensified much more than on previous occasions, and now has winds near 180mph, or 290kph, with higher gusts. Further strengthening is possible as it moves through the Babuyan islands of the Philippines, where Signal 4 warnings are now in effect. The storm will then blast along the eastern coast of Taiwan before moving into the east China sea, where it will stall. This storm poses an enormous threat to tens of millions of people in the Philippines, Taiwan, and eastern China through the next five days. Along with strong winds, rainfall totals of over 300mm are possible on the Philippine islands, Taiwan, and later on in western Japan next week.


Watch Here:

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