Tiny Beryl trying to come back to life


The last week we saw short-lived, very small hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean in which represented a important risk for some areas that still are recovering from the damages received of the hurricanes Irma and Maria the last year.

The second storm of the season in the Atlantic Ocean, named Beryl, was a Cape Verde-type cyclone that intensified very quickly during its first day of existence thanks for good environmental conditions and its tiny size, making it the first hurricane of the season on July 6; however, the next day the small system weakened rapidly as the dry air and wind shear began to increase and entered in the small core of Beryl.

Beryl’s existence as a tropical cyclone ended on July 8 but still was representing a risk for some localities that were affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria last year; Ex-Beryl passed directly over Dominca and affected Puerto Rico with power outages and flash floods as it was crossing the Caribbean Sea as an open trough.

Hurricane Beryl at peak intensity. July 06, 2018
Hurricane Beryl at peak intensity. July 06, 2018

Now, as of July 12, Ex-Beryl is currently located between the Bahamas and Bermuda, with 10% chance of regeneration in the next 48Hrs and 50% for the next 5 days according to the NHC; the system is still very small and maybe this could help the disturbance to regenerate as it moves over the Gulf Stream in the Eastern Coast of the USA, could this tiny storm come back to life?

Ex-Beryl. July 12, 2018
Ex-Beryl. July 12, 2018
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