Tropical Cyclone 03S A Tropical Storm


In the last 24 hours 02U or 03S has intensified to a Tropical Storm.
Its currently located approximately 686 nautical miles north-northwest of Learmonth, Australia, has tracked east-southeastward at 11 mph (20 km/h) over the past 6 hours.Infrared satellite imagery shows deep convection sheared to the southwest of a fully exposed low level circulation center (LLCC). The initial position is placed with high confidence based on the fully exposed LLCC.The system will continue to track generally southeastward throughout the remainder of the forecast period.Upon making landfall, the system will begin to rapidly weaken due to interaction with the underlying terrain. This terrain interaction will lead to subsequent dissipation over land in 3 days.Environmental conditions are forecast to be neutral during this time with favorable sea surface temperatures offset by continued moderate to high wind shear.

Winds of 50mph or 80 kmh
Pressure of 992mbar
Information provided by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center

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