Tropical Depression “Florita” headed for Luzon – Video Update


A new tropical cyclone has formed 350 kilometers east of Luzon, and is likely to intensify as it approaches Luzon over the next two days before crossing the island. Substantial intensification cannot be ruled out, but the main threat from the storm for the Philippines is extremely heavy rainfall, with some models indicating maximums of 35 inches (1375mm). Flash flooding and landslides are likely for parts of Central Luzon. Signal #1 Warnings are currently in effect for parts of Cagayan, Isabela and Aurora.

After passing the Philippines, the track of the cyclone becomes very unclear, with scenarios spreading all the way from Taiwan to Hainan. The best indication at the moment suggests a second landfall just to the east of Hong Kong later in the week. With sea surface temperatures near 30 degrees, Florita will have an opportunity to reach typhoon status along its path.


Watch our full video update here:

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