Tropical Storm Kalmeagi forms near Philippines


Tropical Storm Kalmeagi (Named Ramon by PAGASA) has formed near the Philippines today and will likely remain below Typhoon intensity, at least within the current forecast window. It is expected to head North before transitioning to a Westward motion later this week, likely to miss a direct landfall in Luzon. Regardless, elevated winds, rough seas and heavy rainfall are likely/occuring on Samar, Polillo and Catanduanes Islands in addition to Luzon.

Current Storm Information

JMA Cone of Uncertainty

Location: 13.1N, 127.2E
Movement: W at 15 km/h
Winds (10-min sustained): 35 kt (40 mph)
Gusts (10-min sustained): 50 kt (60 mph)
Miniumum Pressure: 1000 hPa (mb).

Kalmeagi (Ramon) is currently a Tropical Storm  according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) and the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Agency (PAGASA). It’s forecasted peak is 10-minute sustained winds of 60 kt (70 mph), just below Typhoon status.

Heavy rainfall, Rough Seas and High Winds are likely/already occurring among areas of the Northeastern areas of the Philippine Islands. These can cause mudslides at higher elevations/mountainous areas and other life threatening conditions regardless of how weak/strong the storm is and whether or not it’s center of circulation is over land.

Refer to your local meteorological agency for further information. Also be sure to check Force Thirteen on youtube, facebook and twitter for further updates on Kalmeagi and other weather events worldwide.


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