Tropical Storm Ma-on passing Hong Kong – 9pm HKT August 24, 2022 – Video Update


Tropical Storm Ma-on is making good progress across the South China Sea, and is currently around 250 kilometers south of Hong Kong, but is struggling with wind shear. The storm is moving west-northwestwards, and is expected to make landfall near Zhanjiang, China, tomorrow evening. The storm still has ample amount of time and warm sea surface temperatures to potentially develop into a typhoon, and rain rates are expected to be high, particularly towards the southern side of the storm. Rainfall totals could reach 250mm in some parts of the Leizhou peninsula, with almost as much expected in northern Vietnam later this week. Orange typhoon warnings are in effect for many Chinese provinces, with Signal 8 warnings for Hong Kong and Signal 3 in force for Macau at the time of this update.


Watch our full update here:

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