Tropical Storm Mulan near China – Tropical Weather Bulletin – August 10, 2022


The tropics are more active today, with two storms now on the radar. After taking time consolodating its enormous influence, a tropical storm has now formed in the South China Sea and has been named Mulan. This storm is currently only a few dozen miles off the coast of Hainan, and could make landfall there soon as it takes a general track towards the Gulf of Tonkin. The predominant risk of this storm will be rainfall, with over 100mm already having fallen so far. Up to 500mm more could form near the China/Vietnam border area.

In the Eastern Pacific, Howard has begun to weaken, and has now lost hurricane status. The storm is dragging over cooler sea surface temperatures, and eventual dissipation will occur in a few days. In the Atlantic, we are still monitoring an area of interest southwest of Cape Verde, and has a chance of becoming a tropical cyclone before it reaches the Leeward Islands this weekend. Elsewhere, a new area of interest has popped up near Iwo Jima, and is likely to develop into a tropical cyclone near Tokyo, Japan, after a surprise surge in model support and the appearance of the disturbance looking promising. The storm could even approach typhoon status after it passes east of Honshu.

Watch our full Tropical Weather Bulletin here:

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