Tropical Storm possible in Gulf of Mexico – August 20, 2022 Tropical Weather Bulletin


A bundling ball of convection continues to blow up in the southern Gulf of Mexico today, and the National Hurricane Center expect it to become our next tropical storm as it nears the coast of northern Mexico, near the border with Texas. This storm will be short lived, with landfall expected by Sunday, but heavy flooding rains are possible over the region and possibly further north if current movement trends continue. In the Western Pacific, two areas of interest remain under observation, the most interesting being in the Philippine Sea. This system could develop into a tropical storm, or at any rate deliver heavy rains to the northern islands of the Philippines, and to Taiwan in the next week. In India, Tropical Storm 04B moved inland, and has weakened to a depression. Satellite appearance is still impressive, and the storm could drop very large amounts of rain over a wide and very populous area this weekend.

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