Tropical Storm Sebastien approaches the Azores

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In the midst of the days leading up to Thanksgiving, Tropical Storm Sebastien formed a few days ago and has managed to sustain itself despite being predicted to become frontal long before today and is currently approaching the Azores currently at a fast pace.

Tropical Storm Sebastien Approaches the Azores

The NHC’s forecast cone

Tropical Storm Sebastien has continued to defy earlier forecasts and persist despite still looking largely disorganized. However, it has re-strengthened in the past 24 hours to 65 mph (55 knots, 100 km/h), gusts of 75 mph (65 knots, 120 km/h) with a pressure of 997 mb (29.44 inHg) as of the National Hurricane Center (NHC)’s 18th advisory at 5:00 pm AST on November 23, 2019. It is currently heading at high speeds of 28 mph (44 km/h) to the Northeast. It’s current location is 32.4 North, 45.4 West, about 1,105 miles (1,780 km/h) West-Southwest of the Azores.

Regardless of whether or not it is tropical in nature or not, Sebastien or it’s remnants are forecast to move over the Azores and cause gusty winds and heavy rain to said islands on Sunday in addition to heavy swells and rough seas. The storm is of unpredictable nature and it is advised that those on the island take precautions.

For further information, refer to your local meteorological office. Force Thirteen is also providing more updates on Sebastien and other storms around the world on their youtube channel, facebook and twitter accounts.

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