Tropical Storm Threat for Southern Caribbean – Tropical Weather Bulletin Oct 6, 2022


In tonight’s Tropical Weather Bulletin, a potent area of interest currently located along the coast of Venezuela looks set to become a tropical cyclone by the time it reaches the more open waters of the southern Caribbean late this week into this weekend, and could impact central America as a significant storm. Currently tagged Invest 91L, this system is likely to cause heavy rainfall regardless of development over Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico next week, with rainfall estimates of up to 400 millimeters possible. In the Eastern Atlantic, Tropical Depression 12L is hanging on for a little longer to the west of Cape Verde, and is not likely to impact any land areas. In the Eastern Pacific, Tropical Storm Paine died off and is now barely traceable. In the South Indian Ocean, an area of interest is expected to become a tropical cyclone once it tightens its central core a little more, and closes off its circulation. This is likely to become the fourth early season cyclone in the basin.

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