Tropical Storms Etau and Vamco forms; threatens Vietnam and the Philippines


The West Pacific has now developed two named storms at once.

Tropical Depression 24W has intensified into a tropical storm, and has been named “Etau” by the Japan Meteorological Agency. The storm has a maximum sustained winds of 45mph and a pressure of 998 millibars. The storm is expected to remain its intensity until it makes landfall in Vietnam, and weaken overland. This storm can still potentially worsen the ongoing widespread floods on the country, so if you are from Vietnam, please prepare for the storm.

The Japan Meteorological Agency also named the disturbance east of Mindanao as Tropical Storm Vamco, being locally named earlier by PAGASA as “Ulysses”. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center has estimated the system to being a tropical depression right now, but the agency expects intensification to start immediately. Vamco is forecast to intensify quickly and hit Luzon as a potential category 3 typhoon, and approaching Vietnam in the process. It is better to prepare for this storm, as we have seen from the destruction brought by Typhoon Goni earlier.

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)’s cone for Vamco.

Stay tuned for updates.

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