Two Winter Storms could impact the United States this week


GFS Model showing the predicted total snowfall across the United States and Southern Canada through the next seven days.

This week is Thanksgiving Week across the United States, with the American Automobile Association predicting that 2019 will be the second busiest year on record for Thanksgiving travelers, expecting 55 million people to travel at least 50 miles away from their homes. However, two Winter Storms could greatly impact travel conditions as American citizens are traveling to celebrate.

Graphic from The Weather Channel showing the total snowfall expected from Winter Storm Dorothy through Wednesday

Winter Storm Dorothy

The Weather Channel has given the winter storm currently over Boulder, Colorado the name Dorothy, the fourth of the 2019-20 Winter Season. Dorothy is expected to track Northeastward across the Rocky Mountains and through the Upper Midwest. Through Wednesday, several towns and cities throughout the Rocky Mountains and Upper Midwest are expecting to see snowfall from Dorothy. Heading into Thanksgiving Day, snowfall from Dorothy could extend back over the United States over New York and Northern New England.

Large portions of the aforementioned areas are expecting to see at least 5-8 inches of snow from Dorothy, however certain areas could receive up to a foot and a half. Dorothy will also deliver rain to many places across the Great Plains, Lower Midwest, Southern New England, Mid-Atlantic states, and the South.

The West Coast

While Dorothy is beyond the West Coast, another system may be moving in on Wednesday. This system is expected to bring more snow to the Pacific Northwest and rain in Southern California on Wednesday before taking a similar track to Dorothy, bringing precipitation to most places West of the Mississippi on Thursday and Friday. This second storm will not reach the East Coast until the weekend, meaning that those in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast can expect clear weather for Thanksgiving Day.


EDIT (02:31 UTC, November 26): The second system is predicted to be a record-breaking system in several categories of severe weather. Here is a link to Monday night’s LIVE Coverage about this weeks winter weather (run by Force Thirteen’s United States Branch): US Braces for Thanksgiving Winter Storms

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