Typhoon Hinnamnor, a Growing Beast in Western Pacific


Typhoon Hinnamnor has explosively intensified in Western Pacific, passing the Ogasawara Islands in the process. And agencies in the region and weather models forecast more intensification from the storm until it slows down in the southern Ryukyu Islands.

The Ogasawara Islands have already been battered by the storm as it quickly intensified throughout the day.

Current Information

On its 2300 JST update, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) estimates that the typhoon currently has 10-minute winds of 145 kph (80 kt / 90 mph) with a minimum central pressure of 960 millibars. The storm is moving west at a speed of 30 kph (17 kt.) Meanwhile, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) estimates the storm has 1-minute sustained winds of 185 kph (100 kt / 115 mph) and a minimum central pressure of 950 millibars.

Current Warnings

The Ogasawara Islands is currently in a Typhoon Warning, Heavy Rain Warning, and a High Waves Warning.

Expect the Ryukyu Islands to be in storm-related advisories as the storm barrels south of the main Japanese Islands.

What to Expect?

Typhoon Hinnamnor is expected to continue its intensification until Wednesday morning (Japan time.) The Japan Meteorological Agency is forecasting a peak of 10-minute winds of 175 kph and pressure of 935 millibars on Wednesday. Meanwhile, based on the latest advisory of the JTWC, Hinnamnor is forecast to intensify into a super typhoon with 1-minute sustained winds of 270 kph (145 kt / 165 mph) by Wednesday.

It will then slow down in the Southern Ryukyu Islands as it pivots itself northward into the East China Sea. If models are to be believed, it will track north-northeast before impacting Kyushu, southwestern Honshu, and western Shikoku, still as a strong typhoon on Tuesday next week. The reliability of the forecast this far is low.

Risks related to storm

Typhoon Hinnamnor is forecast to bring typhoon-force winds in the southern Ryukyu Islands starting Wednesday morning (Japan time.) Along with strong winds, heavy rain for several more days is expected causing flooding. Storm surges would also be a problem for the residents in the islands. Catastrophic damage is expected for these islands.

As early as now, finish your storm preparation and abide what your local authorities order.

For more information on Typhoon Hinnamnor, you could watch our livestream here:



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