Typhoon Hinnamnor to Hit Korean Peninsula Tuesday

High waves roll towards the coast of Jeju Island

Typhoon Hinnamnor is inching closer to the Korean Peninsula as it continues to move towards the north-northeast. Authorities across the peninsula are alerting the citizens on the likely damage to be brought by the typhoon winds and rain. Typhoon Hinnamnor is expected to be one of the strongest typhoons to hit the peninsula and cause significant damages, especially to the southeastern provinces of South Korea and the Islands of Jeju and Dokdo; and the northern Kyushu Island of Japan.

Current Information:

On its 21:00 KST advisory, the Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA) located the storm at 32.4°N 126.6°E or about 95 kilometers (58 miles) south of the city of Seogwipo in Jeju Island. It has 10-minute sustained winds of 170 kph (105 mph), with minimum central pressure of 940 millibars, and is moving towards north-northeast at a speed of 30 kph (18 mph). Meanwhile, on the midnight advisory of the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) estimates the storm to have 1-minute sustained winds of 185 kph (115 mph) and minimum central pressure of 943 millibars.

Current Warnings:

Typhoon Warning
South Korea
Central and Southern North Chungcheong
Southeastern South Chungcheong
Central and Southern North Gyeongsang
South Gyeongsang
North Jeolla
South Jeolla
Northern Kyushu
Satsuma and Osumi Regions of Southern Kyushu

Typhoon Advisory
South Korea
Southern Gyeonggi
Southern Gangwon
Rest of North Chungcheong
Rest of South Chungcheong
Rest of North Gyeongsang
Southern Kyushu
Amami Islands
Chugoku Region
Shikoku Region
Kansai Region

For more information, go to the Korean Meteorological Agency using the hyperlink.

Fishing boats brought to the Pohang Port ahead of Typhoon Hinnamnor

Risk Related to the Storm
It is forecast to directly hit the city of Busan and the nearby areas, millions of people are likely to be affected. The KMA warns the people of strong winds brought by the typhoon that could damage infrastructures, uproot trees, and damage electric and phone lines. Heavy rains as high as 600 millimeters could bring heavy flooding, and alongside the storm surge caused by the storm’s large wind field, coastal areas are likely to receive significant damages.

If affected by Typhoon Hinnamnor, follow information from your local authorities and get updates from the KMA and Force Thirteen.

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