US Storm to bring One-Two Punch of Winter and Severe Weather


As the year begins, the US Winter continues on with a storm coming later this week. This one however is not just expected to be a Winter Storm but also, could cause a rare off-season Severe Weather Outbreak this Friday and going into the weekend.

With this system, there will be a combo of conditions throughout different portions of the US. The northern portion of the system will likely bring heavy snowfall to areas of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Southern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Northern Michigan. The southern portions of the storm however will likely cause a severe weather outbreak to parts of Central and Eastern Texas, Louisiana Arkansas, Oklahoma, Southeastern Kansas and Southern Missouri on Friday, verified by the SPC’s Day 2 categorial outlook. The following day, the severe threat will move further east and will bring the same conditions to Central and Eastern Louisana, Mississippi, Alabama and Western Georgia according to the SPC’s Day 3 categorial outlook.

For further updates, go to the Force Thirteen US youtube channel as well as their twitter @ForceThirteenUS and the National Weather Service.

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