Wanda forms in North Atlantic, Exhausting Naming List


Tropical Storm Wanda is meandering over the North-Central Atlantic Ocean weekend after being a Subtropical Storm and completed its transition by Monday. Wanda is currently far from any land and is not expected to intensify into a hurricane. While it’s not expected to directly impact any land, it is expected to produce some swells in the Azores Islands as the storm turns post-tropical. It will move towards the British Isles as a post-tropical storm by the early parts of next week.

As per the 3AM GMT update, Wanda was last located at 40.6N 39.6W or about 695 miles (1120 kilometers) west-northwest of the Azores. It has an estimated winds of 50 mph(80 kph), gusting up to 65 mph (100 kph); minimum central pressure was estimated to be 992 millibars. The storm is currently moving north at speed of 9 mph (15 kph)

A sector view of GOES-East in the Northern Atlantic that shows Tropical Storm Wanda


With Wanda, the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season ran out of names, and became the third season to do so after 2005 and 2020. Any new storms that will form through the end of the season will receive the name from the supplemental list with the first name being Adria. When there are no more names on the regular list, NHC typically uses the letters in the Greek alphabet — but the World Meteorological Organization voted to end that practice earlier this year.

2021 North Atlantic Hurricane List with the first seven auxiliary names.


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