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  1. Ex-Fred turned back into PTC six
    Grace is a cyclone instead of a hurricane
    Henri is 69 mph (haha funni number)
    What is going on?

  2. Cyclone Tracker Died
    ATCF died
    This page doesn’t shows nothing

  3. Hell no the tracker is broken
    The reason is because it shows 2 Hilda’s, the wrong hilda is depicted on the map as nine-e🤣

  4. RIP In-Fa and Napartak, the tracker doesn’t show it XD

  5. Elsa is not a cyclone, it is a hurricane! BRUH!

        1. but it’s called a hurricane in the atlantic


  7. Tropical storm Andres is active and it is the earliest Eastern Pacific storm on record. The last one in May 10th And there is A TS! IN Eastern Pacific WOW I KNOW

  8. Tropical storm Andres is active and it is the earliest Eastern Pacific storm on record. The last one in May 10th And there is A TS! IN Eastern Pacific

  9. I was looking for tracks of cyclones or hurricanes here. And for that i was concerned about these areas and C5 surigae.

  10. I was looking for tracks of cyclones or hurricanes here. And for that i was concerned about these areas and C5 surigae.

  11. I was looking for tracks of cyclones or hurricanes here. And for that i was concerned about these areas and C5 surigae.

  12. I was looking for tracks of cyclones or hurricanes here. And for that i was concerned about these areas and C5 surigae.

  13. Tropical Depression Undefined
    Thanks for the info, ATCF

  14. Wait, Isn’t Ana a tropical despresion and is tropical storm Invest going to by tropical storm Yaas?

  15. Wait, does that means the invest in Ex-tropical?

  16. How in the freaking world did Tuaktae rapidly strengthen to a Category 3 from a tropical storm in 1 day?!


  17. Oh my god and Tauktae too strong(maybe will have a major)

  18. Tropical storm Tauktae is almost a hurricane (Category 1)

  19. For me the website just compelety broke.Can see comments but no cyclone tracker


  21. Don’t tell me that we’re getting tropical storm Choi-Wan.

  22. Will 92A be strong to category 4?

  23. Isn’t Andres a tropical despression?

  24. Tropical storm Andres is active and it is the earliest Eastern Pacific storm on record. The last one in May 10th

  25. Looks like Eastern Pacific is going to get tropical storm Andres!

  26. For the whole time that Potira was active, it just says that the wind speed are the same and says that it is moving 90.00 degrees at NaN mph

  27. Did Potira really dissipated?

  28. Is it just the comments breaking or has no one typed in the chat since the 21st?

    1. I think its the comment breaking

  29. did you even keep track on Potira cuz like the wind speed, direction, and the it just says NaN mph.

  30. WTF WHAT IS EVEN THIS? Subtropical storm invest ??


  32. So, Surigae weakened to a category 4 storm and 95S have been here for at least 3 days and have not dissipate nor became a tropical storm

    1. It was named Jobo today by Meteo-France ,doesn’t show it here though

  33. Raise your hand if Surigae beat your expectations.I mean,888 mb!Did’nt you guys go with 190 mph for Goni?

      1. *raised hand because I said it*

    1. Never thought anyone was going to respond?

  34. Maybe tomorow Surigae be a Cat5?

  35. Ok so I have Surigae under going EWRC right now, but I thin it will peak at 150mph early next morning so better keep and “Eye” on this storm. But seriously, the Philippines should watch out.

  36. Lol the color u guys used made me think Surigae was a C3, since I just woke up?.You cane also see a small eye.

    1. When I woke up, it was a C2 ,and now it is a C4

      1. Yea. Surigae definitely did an RI

          1. Easily, 190 mph

  37. Is it just my computer or did Surgae and 95S dissipated

  38. How if Surigae be a Category 4?Or 5?Maybe would be nice.I can’t wait!From Eloise in January, Faraji to Niran in Febuary,Habana(maybe) reach Category 4 or 5,April have the Fujiwhara effect from Seroja and Odette,what wil happens next?

  39. im banned from the discord ?

  40. 94W has a very pretty chance to become at least tropical storm

    1. It might if it doesn’t crash into the Philippines.

  41. Nah it’s impossible that 27S is a bit stronger than Seroja, as of 6:15 UTC april 9th

  42. I don’t know WHAT is happening but I think that Invest 91S is going to merge with Twenty seven and Seroja.

    1. very likely. the track will be whack

      1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER SEEN WHAT HAPPENED WHEN HURRICANES MERGE. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Uh Oh, that ain’t good, Tropical strom Seroja and Tropical storm Twentyseven is heading for each other

    1. The fujiwhara effect has started: Odette and Seroja

  44. Well, I guess that Invest 90S and Invest 99S developed into these tropical storms.

  45. I really want 93W to develop into Surigae. Dunno why

  46. Man sometimes my comments just don’t work.I can’t see anyone else’s either

    1. That isn’t good… Cyclone Tracker is a little glitched for me too but it isn’t with the comments. Can you see tis reply?

        1. This happens all the time nowdays…….guess i just have to wait a couple of days?

        2. Btw now I can see everyone’s comments,I guess i’ll just have to deal with it.Also,I just noticed that 94W and 02W are the same circle!

  47. Wow there are no storms… I wonder how many storms there will be world-wide this year

    1. Probably a similar amount to last year.The Atlantic will most likely be less busy while the West pacific will be average or above average.

      1. Well, now we got Jobo so last year is tied with this year in the SWIO.

    2. The Southern Hemisphere seasons are most likely done, although it is Mid-April

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  49. 99S seems pretty good, ECMWF on Windy predicts 190mph wind gusts for this one

  50. Wasn’t there an invest near Australia?
    Oh dang it I can’t see my comments again ?

    1. Hi. This site uses information from the Automated Tropical Cyclone File (ATCF) system. It tends to break during the Atlantic seasons and we have no control over it.

  51. I like this site but during the alantic season i never see anything there why exacly is that im just wondering if they could add that in the future?

  52. Man it ramped up fast.We might even get Tauktae. Wasn’t there an AOI in the west pacfic?

  53. What the frick two invests in NIO basin

  54. When you post two comments, both disappear. Does this happen to anyone else?

  55. The 97S AOI dissipated. It’s no longer on the ATCF.

  56. WTF!!!! Invest 97S and 97S are colliding!!!
    And btw, do you think that invest 95S is going to collide with the 2 invest?

  57. What if we got Jobo and Kanga simultaneously?That would be fun, but it’s probably not going to happen

    1. That would be nice though

  58. If it says that Invest 97S is moving at -9999.99 Degrees and at -10000mph, does that means that INvest 97S is stationary?

    1. This tracker uses information from the Automated Tropical Cyclone Forecast system (ATCF) system. So if it shows an absurd number, there is no forward speed or direction data for now. You’ll have to wait at least an hour or so before the data is provided.

  59. Hi, have you noted a possible AOI in the Atlantic of the east coast? it seems pretty interesting, it also has a typical comma-shaped subtropical pattern.

  60. Rest of March is probably going to be inactive

  61. What happened to that area of interest near Peru?

  62. Do you think that 94S is going to be a tropical storm? I don’t think so.

  63. I feel like there is a small chance that we could get an Indonesian storm out of 94S

  64. What do you mean by the Area of interest is moving at NaN degrees and is moving at NaN miles per hour? Plus, shouldn’t the Invest be a depression because it has wind speed of 35 miles per hour?

    1. Hi, we were not provided with the motion and speed information that would be sustainable for updates. A depression is only clasified when thete is a center of ciruclation with deep convection, and not when it reaches a certain wind speed. Thanks!

  65. finally habana has gone

    1. i agree

  66. System near South America WTF?!?

    1. Yes there is an area of interest currently being monitored by Force Thirteen. We are providing updates on the social media platforms as well

      1. Thanks for the info!

      2. can you update it on youtube as well?

      3. These area of interests are only reflected on the daily Tropical Weather Outlooks (TWO) issued on the Twitter platform.

  67. this is the second habana has did 180 degrees turn

  68. I see category 4 cyclone habana

  69. Breaking News: Habana is 1 mph shy from CAT 5 STORM GAH! OMG

  70. Breaking News: Habana is 1 mph shy from CAT 5 STORM GAH!

  71. wanna join F13 even though i am nine years old

  72. Niran is CDPS Stage 0????????

    1. Cuz it had no landfall in the forecast

  73. Niran weakened?Also if Marian is 39 mph, wouldn’t it be a depression?

    1. 39 mph or higher is tropical storm status

    1. I don’t think it was a BEAST ,but nonetheless it was still a powerful storm

    2. Almost caused as much damage as Cyclone Yasa

  74. Can anyone see my comments

  75. Where is Marian and Niran?

  76. Can people see my message?

  77. Marian’s eye has been trying to form all day

  78. woohoo i can see comments agaib

  79. Dujuan is trying to hang on

  80. Ana (Spac) is devastating Fiji after Yasa

  81. why did the icons change?

  82. south tropical invest 4 invest(94,96,97P,98S)

  83. Is the disturbance in the Atlantic I saw on stream

  84. It also has clearly defined eye

  85. A category 3 once had a pressure of 979 mb,so wouldn’t Eloise at least be a category 2

  86. Is eloise was cdps stage 5 and a category 2

  87. I thought eloise was cdps stage 5 and a category 2

  88. How do you think will 99s and 90s form?

  89. 90s will like become tropical cyclone

  90. what up with invest 98s

  91. @forcethirteen where is 90L

  92. Wow this is crazy I wonder if any of these will form I really think 90_L will form and possibly Be a cat 1

  93. Hello peoples but I can’t tell if you guys spotted Hurricane Nivar at catigory 1 as yet and Tropical Storm Gati those storm are so small and behaving like a giant one

  94. glitch where there’s 45 active systems lol!

  95. Please note in early December of 2019 there was typhon Tisoy (kammuri) that also made landfall in the Bicol Region. typhon also had a strong wind and rain and made big divastation in the Bicol region

  96. Zeta really surprised me I thought the NHC said a landfall with winds of 70 to 85 mph but Zeta does the opposite and makes landfall with winds of 110 mph just shy of a major hurricane

  97. Invest 95L i think will be tropical storm zeta

  98. There should be tracking in the Atlantic it would improve for the people there

  99. epsssssssssssssssssssssssssssillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  100. Gamma forms in atlantic and Marie is still a category 4 in the eastern pacific

  101. it dont shows ts beta huricane teddy and ts wilfred

  102. According to this cyclone tracker, Invest 91W has is a 0 millibar low-pressure system, moving -9999.99 degrees at -10000 mph.

  103. The ATCF still needs to be fixed… Anyway.
    My prediction is that Invest 90B is not expected to develop as it moves over land.
    90W could see some development once it moves over water.

  104. lol this is hurricane war

  105. It’s back yay ?

  106. atlantic is super active with 4 cyclones

    1. i know. teddy is a 969mb storm, 2 invests west of africa, a tropical depression south east of corpus christi, tx, remnants of rene, paulette, vicky, and subtropical storm alpha in portugal.

    2. Why are the comments being held back lol

  107. Doesn’t show TS Sally, TS Paulette, TD Rene, or TD 20L.

    1. the website isn’t working very well but it does show up every once in a while

  108. really is no system?
    Have Haishen,Julio and ex-Omar

  109. 0haishen is noq a category 5

    1. My estimates for Haishen are 175 mph 904 mbar

  110. some one hurricane nana, get cross

  111. Warning!!!
    Hsishen intensified to a category 5 super typhoon!!!
    Haishen is now a exremely powerful, dangerous and deadly super typhoon!!

  112. many storm,but no people chat in here

  113. Doesn’t show Atlantic storms, even though Laura is there

  114. Laura and Marco will form?

  115. why i cant see comments from after july 27th

  116. The Atlantic is really getting active

  117. 11L to become a weak Josephine in the ATL, earliest J storm in ATL
    Things are spicing up in the WPAC, as ALL STORMS IN 2020 have impacted land. Sinlaku, Hagupit, Jangmi, and Mekkhala have all impacted land thus far. Expect more activity in this typhoon season.
    The EPAC is racing against the WPAC in spicing things up. Elida become a C2, and 2 AOIs may be named this weekend. The next names are Fausto and Genevieve. The race is on.

  118. Elida will be stronger than Cat2 or Cat1
    Mekkhala (07W) will land in China
    Jangmi landed in Korea and influenced Japan

  119. thats a lot of tropical storms.

  120. Omg 95L ELIDA JANGMI 07 and 08!

  121. this chat is officially dead or is that me?

  122. Isaias reintensifies into a C1 hurricane, may bring extensive flooding to the ENTIRETY of the U.S.East Coast, from Miami to Bangor
    Sinlaku dies in the Myanmar/Laos area
    Hagupit has made landfall in China as a C1 typhoon, may impact SoKo and Japan
    Invest in Atlantic may become Josephine
    Hanna made impacts in South Texas, almost a C2
    10L was sad.

  123. I can’t see the map or the storms. Please help.

  124. well the sub-tropical depression died, how sad, ts isaias is is starting to strenghen

  125. whoa a sub-tropical depression, you don’t see those often

  126. That’s bull how isn’t 09L Isaias

  127. 92-L is becoming a tropical depression

      1. I think the problem is that the map is using the Asia-Australia-America format, and not the standard America-Asia-Australia format. If you don’t understand, that’s perfectly ok!

        1. And yes, I know it’s automated by that, just saying.

    1. thats a lot of tropical storms.

  128. 92L expected to become Isaias in the next few days
    Douglas currently impacting Hawaii, may make it to WPAC, first since Olivia 2018 and second since Genevieve 2014

  129. Why is it saying 0 systems active if there is Invest 92L,Hurricane Hanna,and Hurricane Douglas? Please kindly fix the Cyclone Tracker.

  130. Gonzalo has officially been declared a sad storm (Chantal 2013 2.0?)
    Hanna may reach hurricane status just before landfall in Texas
    Douglas still forecast to impact Hawaii
    Wave in Eastern Atlantic has a good chance of forming next week

    1. 0haishen is noq a category 5

  131. The map doesn’t show Hurricane Douglas, Tropical Depression Eight, and Tropical Storm Douglas

  132. The eye of hurricane Douglas is really starting to show now I’m predicting a peak of 130 mph and a pressure of 956 mbar

  133. Gonzalo to reach hurricane strength
    91L may become Hanna in the next few days
    Douglas to strengthen to major status before a possible landfall in Hawaii as a TS

  134. oof 3 storms active, wonder if that ts invest will also become a hurricane

  135. Hurricane Douglas has formed, and it’s continuing to strengthen.

  136. hurricane douglas in epac and tropical storm gonzalo strenghtening to hurricane status in the atlantic

    1. Eloise is not dissipating quick and the update has it tha same way

  137. As I can see Douglas is redeeming his energy from Steven-E while it shrinks and grow

  138. tropical storm douglas is becoming a hurricane in the epac and 90L is dissipating over texas, 91L formed and 99L is becoming tropical depression 7L

  139. To be honest, I think both storms in the Atlantic will become at least a tropical depression.

  140. Predictions-
    Gulf AOI (near cuba) – 60 Mph
    Invest 99l – 85-100 Mph

    Douglas – 95 Mph

  141. 90L will not develop
    99L forecasted to develop over this week, may become Gonzalo
    07E to dissipate eventually
    08E forecast to become Hurricane Douglas

    1. Gonzalo/07L to form later today

  142. tropical depression 7-e formed and potential tropical cyclone 8-e in the epac and invest 99-l might form into a tropical cyclone in the next few days in the atlantic

  143. TD-07E & TD-08E in the EPAC!

  144. Potential subtropical cyclone may form near NZ

  145. Sinlaku to form? FINALLY THE DROUGHT IS OVER!!!

  146. 99w finally formed. I think it might form into a tropical storm and get named into Sinlaku

  147. 99w formed, finally something in the wpac, and fay became post-tropical and cristina is weakening

  148. 99W has a good chance at forming [50%], but also has a bad place to form.

  149. we all know fay was going to form and cristina is struggling to reach cat 1 status

  150. Fay formed, didn’t expect that… either way 96E has a 50% chance of forming and 95A has a 20% chance. That’s it for me!

  151. I think 98L will become a tropical storm. Cristina will become a Cat 1.

  152. Cristina will be a high end C1, 98L will have a 30% chance of forming, 96E will be a mid tropical storm. That’s it for me!

    1. Now the National Hurricane Center is giving it a 70% chance of formation.

  153. Ex-Edouard to impact UK
    TS Cristina will become a Cat 2 or 3 this week
    98L crossing land, may become Fay after crossing, sources say it may turn and impact the East Coast

  154. tropical storm 5 e formed in the epac

  155. Invest 97E might be named soon

  156. yay Edouard formed… me predictions: 96E: 40MPH, 97E: 50 – 70MPH.

  157. tropical storm Cristobal broke the earliest 3 named storms on June 2 and Edouard broke the record for the earliest 5 named storms on July 5 at this rate we might see a season more active then 2005 and have the strongest atlantic storm ever

  158. NEW! Tropical Storm Edourad formed in the open Atlantic, and poses no threat to land. No significant development is expected from the storm. It is headed N NE and soon has a chance of making landfall in Newfoundland.


  160. Edouard moving very fast at 35 mph, may be moving faster than its wind speed, remnants may reach UK
    98L Not very likely to form right now, but once the low crosses the Carolinas it will have a good chance of becoming Fay
    96E will not form
    97E has a high chance of becoming Cristina midweek

  161. TD 5 has winds of 40 mph now. Why is it not classified as edouard?

  162. Fay may form sometime next weekend!


  164. tropical depression 5l has formed

  165. There is a disturbance off the Florida coast that strengthened over night and now has gained Rotation and a tropical look.

  166. haven’t been here in a while pretty sure some of u missed me lmao, hmm no storms…

  167. Edouard might form around july 4th

    1. Probably not, since NHC still hasn’t issued any invest areas.

  168. New! Tropical Depression Four-E formed in the Pacific, and is not expected to strengthen to a Tropical Storm.

  169. Easterly winds must die

  170. There is another system in the coast of South and North Carolina

  171. 96L will not form.
    95E can possibly become 04E today or tonight, but after that its chances of formation drop heavily.

  172. Boris weakened to a depression in epac and around july 5th, Edouard might form in the atlantic.

  173. NEW! Tropical Storm Boris formed in the Pacific.

  174. well Dolly formed, didn’t expect that lol.

  175. Here’s a thought-last years Atlantic Hurricane season was an above average one. The D storm formed last year on August 24. This year the D storm formed on June 23rd, more than 2 months before that of 2019. Just imagine how active this Atlantic hurricane season could be.

    1. Dennis formed in July, imagine how active the ATL would be compared to 2005

  176. NEW! Tropical storm Dolly has formed south of Canada!

  177. SD 04L looks a bit more stronger now(8 am EDT)-Strong area of convection blew up a few hours ago near the center.

  178. Just in: 95L May become SS Dolly later today or tonight

  179. 95L kinda looks like it is restrengthening.

  180. 95L is unlikely to form as it has moved over cooler waters
    92E is becoming likelier to form and may become TS Boris next weekend
    An AOI in the EPAC may become 93E, or even Cristina

    1. I khow you saw in Windy

  181. The system invest off the east coast looks like it is getting better organized!

  182. An invest in the SWIO, just when F13 is about to release the season animation… probably wouldn’t form, but a surprisingly late season invest.

  183. Potential invest off east coast in around 4 days-gfs says it will definitely form

  184. you think 94L will form?

    1. Tbh no very high wind shear and most of the system is over land-barely any oversea convection is blowing up.

  185. Potential invest East of Trinidad currently has 10% chance of forming

  186. Potential invest located off SC coast

  187. The system near the azures currently has a llc and winds of 45 mph…why doesn’t this a subtropical Storm by now?

  188. Sad tropics

  189. There’s an interesting system moving off the coast of Africa that has very deep convection but less rotation though

    1. It’s probably just dust but whatever it was it completely dissipated.

  190. Who else thinks the low pressure system off the Moroccan coast with become SS Dolly?

          1. No, I think not. The water is too cold. (And it has negligible convection)

          2. I think it’s not marked because it’s an extra tropical system. Extra tropicals don’t get named.

  191. There’s an AOI in the BOB! (Bay of Biscay, not Bengal) 😛

  192. Wave with 10% chance of development located east of Barbados

  193. @NORTH-WEST PACIFIC OCEAN you need to learn more about the tropics

  194. Tropical cyclones in 2020 is so weak.Why in January to June only have two Cat5 cyclone?

    1. That’s actually pretty active, there aren’t many Cat 5s in SIO

    2. 2 cat 5s from Jan to June is more than average actually
      The average global no of Cat 5s is around 4, and most of them form in the later part of the year

      1. september is the later part of the year?????

        1. Ever heard of the southern hemisphere? April in the north is like September in the south

          1. I think you meant October

        2. Huh? Of course it is! Jan-Jun = first ; Jul-Dec = later

  195. f13, what kind of fonts you use for your storm updates? pcuz i want to find them.

  196. Some say that 93L is now a tropical storm…..

    1. It is a tropical storm with winds of 45 miles per hour

  197. 93L and Three are together??

  198. Or,Potential tropical cyclone 93L will stronger and be a Tropical storm Boris?

    1. No. That doesn’t even make sense.

      1. and now it die


  200. force thirteen ,why every video of storm is Floater Not Avaible ?Thanks for reading.

    1. No, there’s only one Depression, and I don’t see anything that could be or is a depression.

  201. Invest 91E has a 70% chance of development in the next 5 days and invest 92L has a 50% chance Ithink it will become Cristobal


    Two in EPAC
    Two in ATLANTIC
    And two in NIO

  203. wait wait!why 92A is 92A but why everyone said 92L?

    1. There’s an invest in the Atlantic designated as 92L that has a 50% chance of development

      1. 92L OR 92A?????

  204. Bertha was move so far.It move to south Atlantic ocean(meaning it has crossed the equator).

  205. Bertha is moving SE at 464 mph! AMD now is in the main development region!?

  206. Wow! 92L formed. It is going to be a hyperactive season…

    1. but i think 92L can’t be a storm

    2. Just hope it doesn’t be like 2005 or 2017 Puerto Rico and the Bahamas have had enough with Maria and Dorian

  207. 92A will be a tropical cyclones

    1. so how many hurricane Category 5 in 2020 Atlantic season?
      you answer

  208. I haven’t been here in a long time (actually 5 days).

  209. thx force 13! now i don’t have to go down the whole page. btw bertha’s not even going to last long, i think it has just made landfall.

  210. Tropical storm Bertha formed!

  211. 91L could become tropical storm bertha

  212. force 13, can you put the “leave a reply” box somewhere else, because i cannot see the active system’s stats. thanks for reading the message! 😉

    1. Hi there,
      This has now been fixed.
      Some devices may experience a delay in the changes made.


      1. What are the changes made?☺️

  213. Bertha might form in the atlantic

  214. BREAKING: Invest-91L has been designated

  215. when i cant see the cyclone tracker

  216. AOI in EPAC has a 60% formation chance

    1. Invest 91E has a 70% chance of development in the next 5 days

  217. There is a storm right next to Florida that has a 20% chance to form in the next two days.

  218. There’s an area of interest off the west coast of Florida that has a 20% chance of development over the next 48- 120 hours near where I live

  219. Both tropical storms are going to merge and absorb the weaker one!

    1. No, it is a malfunction. There is only one tropical storm.

    2. don’t think Mangga will not be a Cat 1

      1. Maanga was a cat 1 on the Australian scale the Australian scale is different from the Saffir Simpson scale

  220. Tropical storm invest has now formed?

  221. Amphan is dying inland now and now a high chance for formation of a cyclone to its south

  222. Wait, doesn’t Tropical Storm Arthur still exist right now? Why isn’t it on here?

    1. Now Arthur still a ex-tropical cyclone

    2. whats left of it will impact Bermuda

  223. well, no storms, so we can all calm the [blank] down.

    1. The Invest and Cyclone Amphan are storms, aren’t they? lol

  224. I want Amphan stronger than 1999 Odisha cyclone(if Amphan stronger than 1999 Odisha cyclone so Amphan will be strongest cyclone in North Indian cyclones season.

    1. That’s probably not going to happen due to an EWRC kicking in.

      1. I wants more storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. Now let’s see if it will be stronger than Haiyan.

    1. I doubt that, but anything is possible.

    2. never
      stronger than Haiyan

  226. Amphan definitely will be a cat 5! No doubts.

    1. That’s right ,901 mb already

  227. I can’t think Tropical Storm Arthur will formed.But now it formed.Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  228. @force thirteen please reply:how did you make this website

  229. 91B will be a high end category 4, and nearing category 5. Will be definitely stronger than Vongfong.

    1. Strongest:950 hPa .(Amphan)
      If Amphan not stronger than Vongfong ,I will be a dog.

    2. Amphan’s now a category 4. Wow.

  230. Ok so just checked the GFS model and apparently 91B will be stronger than Haiyan

  231. Invest 90L has a 70% chance of formation in the next two days, which means, as it moves generally northeastward, it will at first be subtropical, then become fully tropical by early week.

    1. It’s a tropical depression now.


    1. 950 hPa(I think will be a cat 3 *or cat 4*)

    2. Could even become CAT 5 0_o

  233. I think Arthur will form before 9:45 am on tomorrow

    1. Yes EDT although Arthur is dead now and will never be seen until 2026

          1. eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  234. Will Vongfong made landfall, that’s why it’s going down. [like of course]

    1. If Philippines have a lot of water in Manila,maybe Vongfong will stronger.

  235. force 13’s analysis said that Vongfong was going to be a low-mid or even a high-end category 4! let’s see if it’s correct.

  236. Vongfong will be a Cat 5 and Vongfong will stronger than Harold,91B will be tropical storm Amphan or cylone Amphan.

    1. But 91B, i sure that it will be a tropical storm,tropical depression or cyclone Amphan

  237. Will Vongfong be a Cat 5?

    1. Probably not. I’d say a mid-strong cat 4 at most.

      1. i don’t think so. now Vongfong are weak to Cat 1

      2. i don’t think so. now Vongfong are weak to Cat 1 and can’t stronger

    2. Not likely. Few models showing that it could become cat 3, but that’s it.

      1. Vongfong will be a cat 3 and never can be a cat 5 or 4


    1. I think so …

    2. Have a Subtropical storm in North Atlantic Ocean

  239. wow wow wow wow wow it formed

    1. nah it form and it the typhoon

  240. An hour ago vongfong was at 46 mph and now it’s almost 60 mph.

      1. Now it’s 105 mph. That was fast

    1. But in 8h56 in Vietnam,Vongfong it’s 105 mph,Cat2

  241. 95w was a tropical depression and was named “Ambo”, he it’s “Vongfong” explain that!

    1. Ambo is the name given by PAGASA (Phillipiines) while Vongfong is the official name by JTWC/JMA.

    2. Ambo is name of PAGASA,you can see Tropical Depprision 30W of 2019.Then,JMA make it’s the tropical storm Vongfong .


    1. NOT EZ LIKE THAT.Now is Typhoon Vongfong Cat2.

  243. This tracker is broken for me sometimes

  244. 95W is now a TD, may strengthen to become a Cat 3 typhoon

    1. But in the morning ,Vongfong was a Cat3

  245. Tropical Depression Ambo (95W) can’t live .Now we only can looking foward 90B.

    1. Considering 90B dissipated and Ambo became Vongfong, I’d say you were way off.

      1. I think i’m say wrong …