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  1. f13, what kind of fonts you use for your storm updates? pcuz i want to find them.

  2. Some say that 93L is now a tropical storm…..

    1. It is a tropical storm with winds of 45 miles per hour

  3. 93L and Three are together??

  4. Or,Potential tropical cyclone 93L will stronger and be a Tropical storm Boris?

    1. No. That doesn’t even make sense.


  6. force thirteen ,why every video of storm is Floater Not Avaible ?Thanks for reading.

    1. No, there’s only one Depression, and I don’t see anything that could be or is a depression.

  7. Invest 91E has a 70% chance of development in the next 5 days and invest 92L has a 50% chance Ithink it will become Cristobal


    Two in EPAC
    Two in ATLANTIC
    And two in NIO

  9. wait wait!why 92A is 92A but why everyone said 92L?

    1. There’s an invest in the Atlantic designated as 92L that has a 50% chance of development

      1. 92L OR 92A?????

  10. Bertha was move so far.It move to south Atlantic ocean(meaning it has crossed the equator).

  11. Bertha is moving SE at 464 mph! AMD now is in the main development region!😂

  12. Wow! 92L formed. It is going to be a hyperactive season…

    1. but i think 92L can’t be a storm

    2. Just hope it doesn’t be like 2005 or 2017 Puerto Rico and the Bahamas have had enough with Maria and Dorian

  13. 92A will be a tropical cyclones

    1. so how many hurricane Category 5 in 2020 Atlantic season?
      you answer

  14. I haven’t been here in a long time (actually 5 days).

  15. thx force 13! now i don’t have to go down the whole page. btw bertha’s not even going to last long, i think it has just made landfall.

  16. Tropical storm Bertha formed!

  17. 91L could become tropical storm bertha

  18. force 13, can you put the “leave a reply” box somewhere else, because i cannot see the active system’s stats. thanks for reading the message! 😉

    1. Hi there,
      This has now been fixed.
      Some devices may experience a delay in the changes made.


      1. What are the changes made?☺️

  19. Bertha might form in the atlantic

  20. BREAKING: Invest-91L has been designated

  21. when i cant see the cyclone tracker

  22. AOI in EPAC has a 60% formation chance

    1. Invest 91E has a 70% chance of development in the next 5 days

  23. There is a storm right next to Florida that has a 20% chance to form in the next two days.

  24. There’s an area of interest off the west coast of Florida that has a 20% chance of development over the next 48- 120 hours near where I live

  25. Both tropical storms are going to merge and absorb the weaker one!

    1. No, it is a malfunction. There is only one tropical storm.

    2. don’t think Mangga will not be a Cat 1

      1. Maanga was a cat 1 on the Australian scale the Australian scale is different from the Saffir Simpson scale

  26. Tropical storm invest has now formed?

  27. Amphan is dying inland now and now a high chance for formation of a cyclone to its south

  28. Wait, doesn’t Tropical Storm Arthur still exist right now? Why isn’t it on here?

    1. Now Arthur still a ex-tropical cyclone

    2. whats left of it will impact Bermuda

  29. well, no storms, so we can all calm the [blank] down.

    1. The Invest and Cyclone Amphan are storms, aren’t they? lol

  30. I want Amphan stronger than 1999 Odisha cyclone(if Amphan stronger than 1999 Odisha cyclone so Amphan will be strongest cyclone in North Indian cyclones season.

    1. That’s probably not going to happen due to an EWRC kicking in.

      1. I wants more storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Now let’s see if it will be stronger than Haiyan.

    1. I doubt that, but anything is possible.

    2. never
      stronger than Haiyan

  32. Amphan definitely will be a cat 5! No doubts.

    1. That’s right ,901 mb already

  33. I can’t think Tropical Storm Arthur will formed.But now it formed.Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. @force thirteen please reply:how did you make this website

  35. 91B will be a high end category 4, and nearing category 5. Will be definitely stronger than Vongfong.

    1. Strongest:950 hPa .(Amphan)
      If Amphan not stronger than Vongfong ,I will be a dog.

    2. Amphan’s now a category 4. Wow.

  36. Ok so just checked the GFS model and apparently 91B will be stronger than Haiyan

  37. Invest 90L has a 70% chance of formation in the next two days, which means, as it moves generally northeastward, it will at first be subtropical, then become fully tropical by early week.

    1. It’s a tropical depression now.


    1. 950 hPa(I think will be a cat 3 *or cat 4*)

    2. Could even become CAT 5 0_o

  39. I think Arthur will form before 9:45 am on tomorrow

    1. Yes EDT although Arthur is dead now and will never be seen until 2026

          1. eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  40. Will Vongfong made landfall, that’s why it’s going down. [like of course]

    1. If Philippines have a lot of water in Manila,maybe Vongfong will stronger.

  41. force 13’s analysis said that Vongfong was going to be a low-mid or even a high-end category 4! let’s see if it’s correct.

  42. Vongfong will be a Cat 5 and Vongfong will stronger than Harold,91B will be tropical storm Amphan or cylone Amphan.

    1. But 91B, i sure that it will be a tropical storm,tropical depression or cyclone Amphan

  43. Will Vongfong be a Cat 5?

    1. Probably not. I’d say a mid-strong cat 4 at most.

      1. i don’t think so. now Vongfong are weak to Cat 1

      2. i don’t think so. now Vongfong are weak to Cat 1 and can’t stronger

    2. Not likely. Few models showing that it could become cat 3, but that’s it.

      1. Vongfong will be a cat 3 and never can be a cat 5 or 4


    1. I think so …

    2. Have a Subtropical storm in North Atlantic Ocean

  45. wow wow wow wow wow it formed

    1. nah it form and it the typhoon

  46. An hour ago vongfong was at 46 mph and now it’s almost 60 mph.

      1. Now it’s 105 mph. That was fast

    1. But in 8h56 in Vietnam,Vongfong it’s 105 mph,Cat2

  47. 95w was a tropical depression and was named “Ambo”, he it’s “Vongfong” explain that!

    1. Ambo is the name given by PAGASA (Phillipiines) while Vongfong is the official name by JTWC/JMA.

    2. Ambo is name of PAGASA,you can see Tropical Depprision 30W of 2019.Then,JMA make it’s the tropical storm Vongfong .


    1. NOT EZ LIKE THAT.Now is Typhoon Vongfong Cat2.

  49. This tracker is broken for me sometimes

  50. 95W is now a TD, may strengthen to become a Cat 3 typhoon

    1. But in the morning ,Vongfong was a Cat3

  51. Tropical Depression Ambo (95W) can’t live .Now we only can looking foward 90B.

    1. Considering 90B dissipated and Ambo became Vongfong, I’d say you were way off.

      1. I think i’m say wrong …

      2. or my laptop is broke?

  52. Why 96S form…

  53. 95w may form confection blowup all around it looks like there may be a center to the north

  54. I want the storm in North-West Pacific Ocean,but why not have a storm but 96W form?

    1. Yea, we haven’t had anything since mid-April, if you don’t count 96S.

    2. yup,but you will see more typhoons ,hurricanes and cyclones

    1. Then 96S was dead

    1. CINCO DE mayO
      12345 May
      Day 5/5

    1. Depressing late start to typhoon season

  55. Oh btw, now there is talks of a storm forming in the North Indian Ocean

  56. And we STILL haven’t seen a wpac storm. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WPAC THIS YEAR!!!

      1. Wait to June and July. You will see many tropical storm, huricanes,typhoons and cyclones

    1. 2020 is a weird season.
      first, it is almost not possible to be a category five in April. Btw, it has two cat5 peaks.
      second, it is almost impossible to form a tropical cyclone in East Pacific b4 May
      third, there no storm formed in the west pacific in 2020 until now (I don’t expect 94w will form)

      1. Hey, The world isnt the same thing.
        In the south. Dec – May Is Summer. whichmeans Jun-Nov in Winter.

          Jan -Mar is Spring.Apr-Jun is Summer.Jul-Sep is Autumn.And Oct-Dec is Winter.Whichmean that you and me not same and Kelvin Har is same with me.Only you is not same,so don’t say anymore!

      2. But…95W and 96W are form and 94W and 95W is dead. Now you need to wait for the storm Vongfong(I think in future 96W will be a storm)

      1. it dead in April.NOOB!!!!!!

  57. I found a possible invest that could be 91-E

  58. Finally, something formed in the northern hemisphere

  59. Gah! One-E formed! 2020 is crazy…

    1. Oh God we are in April and its started already😆

    1. Do i look like i have a time machine

      1. You have a time machine, so are you traveling in time from the 22nd century?

  60. Just continuing to monitor Invest-90E. I’m just wondering if it’ll form or not also does the missing floater imagery have to do COVID because the Tracker uses a separate website for the satellite.

  61. Out of all of the places, an invest forms in the epac

  62. I wonder…

    Will 95S form?

  63. Is Jeruto reintensifying?

    1. No, at first it looked like it.

  64. You guys can click the storm icon to check more information on the system.

    Force 13 Web Updater

  65. possibly so far it has been very border line

    it was so close…

    1. Didn’t the MFR upgrade it to a tropical Depression?

  67. Do you guys think 93S will form?


  68. Now we wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait for something to happen

    1. for me looking on the tracker is like christmas. It’s fun but you never know what you may or may not get.

  69. The latest few GFS runs show a marginal tropical storm forming at about 30N30W in approximately 36 hours from a surface trough currently located at about 30N40W. This is in the Eastern Atlantic

  70. Do you guys think Harold will make it to Category 5?

    1. yes, and already had, or will be a category five again

    2. Why does it say moving west at 2,189mph?!

  71. I have a feeling that Harold is going to be a weaker Pam

    1. Pam is 896 hPa,Harold is 924 hPa
      But,Pam is weaker than Zoe and Winston
      Zoe is 890 hPa,Winston is 884 hPa.

  72. I thought Harold died off a long time ago

    1. The Other one was in Southwest Indian Ocean This One In South Pacific

  73. hello i was new to this since mid-Febuary and i love the updates on storms and the hurricane seasons

  74. Tropical storm Irondo!

  75. I think 98P could have the potential of intensifying up to a tropical storm. 91S too.

    1. Finally an invest has formed

  76. Two areas of interest
    1. An area of clouds in the Southwest Indian Ocean northeast of the Remnants of Herold.
    2. Another area of clouds probably delivering somewhat rain on Fiji in the South Pacific (but seeing what happened during the 2018 – 19 season, it might not form.

  77. looks like herold decided to say goodbye

  78. Weird. Just saw the video update that said Herold was a C3. But here is a C1. Huh

    1. The cyclone tracker is automated with the atcf data.
      Force Thirteen has used SATIED data in the video updates.
      Herold has just reached Category 3 (SSHWS) as of 06:00am UTC.

    2. I think it’s probably because Harold was a cat 3 for a very short time

  79. On an iPhone it olny gives me the left side of the screen I can’t scroll to the right side of the page

    1. Horizontal scrolling has been added to the cyclone tracker. 16/03/2020.
      Should work on all mobile devices now.

  80. I say 110 mph with a pressure of 957 mb

  81. hi
    hope Herold will bring much rain

  82. Check the thing to Esther s on water now get it rightfu

  83. Hi, I think that a tropical depression is forming in the north of Australia.
    The storm have a pressure of 1005 milibars and winds of 24-25 mph.

  84. I think that maybe a tropical depression is forming in the north of Madagascar, the storm have winds of 20 miles per hour and a pressure of 1010 milibars.

    1. Kurumí will continue to move southeast away from Brazil and transition to an Extra-Tropical Cyclone.

    1. Hello and welcome to the Force Thirteen Cyclone Tracker 🙂

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