Tropical Storm Ida continues to intensify, threatens Cuba – Video Update

Tropical Storm Ida continues to intensify and has a worrying future as it enters the Gulf. It is forecasted to become a Hurricane to Major Hurricane as it enters the Gulf and will be a major threat to the Louisiana coast.

Henri En-Route to New England – Video Update

Tropical Storm Henri is en-route to the coast of New England as a high-end tropical storm and is expected to become a hurricane relatively soon. Hurricane watches and warnings are in effect ahead of this system for portions of Southern New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island as strong winds, a

Henri Forecast To Near The Northeastern US As A Hurricane – Video Update

Tropical Storm Henri is now gaining a lot of attention with the latest forecast now bringing the storm near Massachusetts as a hurricane late this weekend. Potential impacts include strong winds potentially exceeding hurricane force (74mph), storm surge, and heavy rainfall from the storm stalling that may cause inland flooding.

In-Fa Bears Down on Okinawa – Video Update

Typhoon In-Fa is making its way towards the Japanese island of Taketomi in the Okinawa Prefecture. In-Fa is currently a category 2 equivalent typhoon with an estimated CDPS rating of 7, meaning that catastrophic damage is possible. Residents of Taketomi island and surrounding areas need to keep a close eye