Typhoon Lekima now a Category 5 – Video Update

Typhoon Lekima has rapidly intensified overnight, and now houses winds of 160 mph and a pressure of 940 millibars, verified by SATIED – a Force Thirteen product. The storm is currently a Stage 9 on the CDPS scale, and is still intensifying. Video Update –

Fani now a Category 5 Cyclone – Video Update

Cyclone Fani has been rapidly intensifying throughout the day, and is now a Category 5 cyclone, with winds of 160 mph (260 kmh) and a pressure of 920 millibars. Fani is moving toward the north-northeast at 9 miles per hour (15 kmh) and landfall is expected to occur in around

Cyclone Idai kills 28 in Malawi, more to come

Cyclone Idai has developed over the Mozambique Channel in the last 24 hours and threatens to deliver serious issues to Madagascar and Mozambique this week. However, the storm has already proven to be deadly before it even formed, with the precursor disturbance now responsible for 28 deaths and 124 injuries,

Typhoon Jebi a Category 5, still strengthening

Jebi has rapidly intensified for the last 24 hours, and continues to intensify beyond the Category 5 threshold, with satellite estimated winds of 165mph according to F13 SATOPS. The storm is still intensifying at this time and could become even stronger later today. The storm poses a major threat to