Typhoon Jebi a Category 5, still strengthening

Jebi has rapidly intensified for the last 24 hours, and continues to intensify beyond the Category 5 threshold, with satellite estimated winds of 165mph according to F13 SATOPS. The storm is still intensifying at this time and could become even stronger later today. The storm poses a major threat to

Hurricane Watches issued ahead of Hurricane Lane

Hurricane Lane remains a powerful 150mph storm, and is now within striking distance of the Hawaiian islands. Hurricane Watches have been raised this morning for Hawai’i through to Lana’i and Moloka’i, with Oahu possibly following suit later today or tomorrow. According to some computer models, Lane could still be a

Typhoon Soulik powers into the East China Sea – Video Update

Typhoon Soulik remains strong as it enters the East China Sea, delivering typhoon force winds to the Japanese Amami island chain, and parts of Kagoshima. The storm now poses a larger threat to South Korea, who could receive typhoon conditions by Thursday morning.

Watch the evolution of Typhoon Soulik

Typhoon Soulik has evolved since Friday, from a disorganised small eye near the Ogasawara island chain to a somewhat more organised huge eye overnight tonight in the Western Pacific. Soulik is expected to impact Japan and South Korea this week.