Watch the evolution of Typhoon Soulik

Typhoon Soulik has evolved since Friday, from a disorganised small eye near the Ogasawara island chain to a somewhat more organised huge eye overnight tonight in the Western Pacific. Soulik is expected to impact Japan and South Korea this week.

Slow moving Typhoon Soulik strengthens

Typhoon Soulik strengthened over the course of today, and is slowly moving towards the west-northwest. In last night’s update, Soulik had just reached Category 2 status, and whilst it has struggled to complete its eyewall, an impressive eye structure has appeared, warranting a further upgrade to Category 3. It remains

First video update on Typhoon Soulik

Typhoon Soulik is intensifying significantly although has slowed down 100 miles from Iwo Jima, Japan. The storm is expected to begin moving again tomorrow or Sunday and move towards the northwest towards Japan. A peak wind speed of 130mph is possible from the storm.

Typhoon Jongdari arriving in Japan – Video

Typhoon Jongdari is about to make landfall in central Japan, where Typhoon Warnings are in effect. However, the storm is rapidly weakening as it draws towards the west. The storm is expected to continue weakening and may survive into the East China Sea, but there remains uncertainty over its track.