Severe Tropical Cyclone is strengthening this morning on its approach to the Pilbara Coast in Western Australia. Hurricane-force winds, very heavy rainfall, and dangerous storm surge are expected throughout the day as Damien crosses the coast near Dampier this afternoon. Emergency preparations in the central Pilbara and northeastern Gascoyne regions shouldRead More →

To begin February, we have a new cyclone in the form of Damien which is expected to intensify while approaching the Northwestern Australian coast. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued Cyclone Warnings for Wallal Downs, west through Mardie and is forecasted to make landfall as a Category 4 SevereRead More →

Tropical Cyclone Claudia has formed off Australia’s Kimberly Coast to the northeast of Kalumburu, and is forecast to intensify as it moves southwestward over open waters off Australia’s western coast. Claudia is the second tropical cyclone of the Australian cyclone season, following Blake, which impacted portions of Western Australia earlierRead More →

Tropical Storm Blake is affecting the NW Australian Coast including North and West Kimberly. Also, in the Australian Region there is invest 92s which has a chance of becoming a major cyclone and making landfall somewhere near Darwin and then skimming the NW Australian Coast like Blake. Unlike Blake, 92sRead More →

Our animations for the 2018-19 Southern Hemisphere seasons are finally released. Some differences exist in official analysis compared to Force Thirteen Analysis. Southwest Indian Animation The SWIO Season was above average this season, with a whopping 9 Category 3+ storms forming. The strongest was Cyclone Cilida, which peaked as aRead More →